Philips 18-Watt (75W) Soft White CFL Light Bulb (24-Pack)

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Philips 18-Watt (75W) Soft White CFL Light Bulb (24-Pack) Description

Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent 18-Watt T2 (mini-twister) household light bulb is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, and bedrooms. It has a soft white light, similar to incandescent light, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment. This T2 mini-twister household light bulb replaces your current 75-Watt incandescent A19 and lasts at least 7 years. Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent household light bulbs can be used in the following fixtures: Open hanging pendants, Table/floor lamps. Going green never looked so good. Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) have terrific energy savings and extra long life. By choosing Philips Energy Saver light bulbs you will be doing your part in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs and provide the soft white light you are accustomed to. These bulbs last up to 13 times longer and use significantly less energy than a standard incandescent. Philips Energy Saver CFLs are the perfect replacement for energy-wasting incandescent bulbs. Switching from standard incandescent to Philips Energy Saver CFLs can help reduce your electricity bill and save energy while helping you to create the perfect lighting for your home. A simple switch can make a difference in the home and environment.

Philips 18-Watt (75W) Soft White CFL Light Bulb (24-Pack) buy

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